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My Rating for the course 2

Prasad Srimal

I followed the 2nd course (advanced) and it was a good one to study the APIM in advance

I followed the 2nd course (advanced) and it was a good one to study the APIM in advance

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Architecture

  • 2

    API Manager Components

    • API Runtime

    • Key Management

    • Practical Exercise: WSO2 Identity Server as the Key Manager

    • Rate Limiting

  • 3


    • Deployment Patterns

    • Practical Exercise: Deploy WSO2 API Manager Pattern #1

    • Deploy API Manager on Docker

    • API Manager on Kubernetes

    • Practical Exercise: Deploying API Manager on Kubernetes

  • 4


    • API Security

    • Practical Exercise: Fine-Grained Policy Decisions using XACML

  • 5

    Extending WSO2 API Manager

    • Extending WSO2 API Manager

    • Branding Extensions

    • Practical Exercise: Adding Workflow Extension

    • Practical Exercise: Writing a Custom Handler

    • Practical Exercises: Creating a Custom Policy

    • Practical Exercise: Configuring Authenticators for Service Providers

    • Practical Exercise: Customizing the Developer Portal

  • 6

    Debugging and Error Handling

    • Debugging and Error Handling

    • Practical Exercise: Enabling and Observing Gateway Wire logs

  • 7


    • Scalability

  • 8


    • Building a CI_CD Pipeline for APIs

    • Practical Exercise: Validating the WSO2 API Manager Environment

    • Practical Exercises: Building a Jenkins CI_CD pipeline with API Controller

    • Practical Exercises: Building a CI_CD pipeline with GIT

  • 9

    Tuning and Performance

    • Tuning and Performance

  • 10

    Additional Practical Exercises

    • Practical Exercise: Onboarding a Standard Web Application

    • Practical Exercises: Publishing Integrations to the API Manager

  • 11

    Feedback Survey

    • Feedback

  • 12

    Get Certified!

    • WSO2 API Manager Practitioner Certification

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